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Items Requested


If any of the items below pertain to your situation, please read the notes below it. 


Items needed for all transactions


Purchase Transaction


Purchasing a property that has a ‘Homeowner’s Association’


Refinancing a property that has a ‘Homeowner’s Association’


Verification of Employment


If you receive income from Social Security or Pension(s)


If you are self-employed, receive commission income, or own investment properties


If applying for a VA loan


If you have been divorced
If you have declared bankruptcy in the last 7 years


If you are relocating with company benefits

It is a good idea to keep in mind that any new credit purchases, including co-signing for a family member, may impact your ability to qualify for your new home purchase.  If you transfer any sums of money, please document where those deposits are coming from.  If they are a gift or a loan, we will need documentation to show the source of the funds.  Always make a copy of the check, a deposit receipt and inform the donor they will have to provide documentation.  The donor will have to provide 2 months statements containing all pages, unaltered to show they had the money to give you and the terms of repayment or gifting.  We will have to explain any new large deposits and the source.  The details may affect your transaction.  Do not hesitate to call me before you act to make sure it will not affect your buying power.

Again, if you have any questions about the listed or need assistance, please feel free to call me 


Thank you,

Michael Timothy Noone
Loan Officer
NMLS # 372494